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COVID-19 – Stay home and stay safe

The Corona virus hits the world hard. Everything is different from six months ago.
We are also dealing with an intelligent lockdown in the Netherlands. Shops are still open, but public places are all closed. In addition, we are expected to stay at home as much as possible. That way, the virus spreads in a controllable way and seems to work.

And what does that do with our business home cinema seats? It looks good for us for the time being. This applies to both production and transport. Our showroom in Enkhuizen is less visited, but online requests continue well.

For that reason, it is also still possible to place orders with a lead time of approximately 50 days. But how is that possible?

That’s because we have our factory in Lithuania. We do not make our cinema seats in China or India, but we produce in Europe. This has a number of advantages:

  • Cheaper transportation costs
  • Faster delivery times
  • Clear communication without noise
  • Short lines with specialists

Our trip to Lithuania

Last February we travelled to Lithuania to make a 2-day trip through the various factories and suppliers. Each chair is handmade. The materials we use for this, are of high-quality and that certainly applies to the mechanism that is integrated in the chair.

This mechanism consists of a chassis that is driven by a motor. We have been using this mechanism for years and it comes from GF Components. We have been doing business with them for years and we have seriously never received one chair back because the chassis has broken.

But what does this situation mean for you?

Of course, it is terrible that a small virus that you cannot see with the naked eye can cause so much trouble. Differences between people disappear because we are all the same and therefore susceptible to the virus.

The advice is, therefore, to stay at home. But what to do if you have to stay at home …
If you have already painted the walls, the children have finished their school work, your ordered books are read, the food for tonight is cooked and it keeps raining outside, so relaxing in the garden for a while is no option. Then Netflix is ​​a serious one.

Especially if you can do that in a home cinema. Then you want to have the 5 elements of a home cinema well organized.

But what are those 5 elements of a home cinema?

We combine 5 elements to become a home cinema. If you have these 5 elements well balanced, you will always be fascinated to watch a movie in your cinema, without it becoming “normal” or that a reverberation takes you out of the film.

So it’s not about using the most expensive projector. The point is that if you use a projector of a certain quality, you ensure that the rest of the equipment connects to it and has the same level of quality. This is how you create balance in your cinema.

the 5 elements consist of:

Let’s start watching

And then it is time to binge-watch. The tasty snacks are made, there is plenty of drink, so let’s start. Are we going to start with all Star Wars movies from Disney or Homeland from Netflix. It’s going to be Homeland.

It starts after 2 or 3 episodes. You get back pain and your neck starts to feel. The cinema is out of balance.


Your Cinema is out of balance

We hear this quite often. People who have a beautiful home cinema but the seats in it have had their best time. There are cracks in the upholstery or the mechanism no longer works properly. Time for a makeover.

Especially at this moment. The holidays need to be postponed or even cancelled, so an ideal time to find out those new cinema seats.

Home Cinema Modules has the option to design your own home cinema seat. Just as you prefer. Then we make the calculation and send you the quotation. If needed, we can create a drawing to show how the layout will be in your cinema.

All in all, we need to make something out of this situation together. Stick to the rules and make the most out of it.

That is why we now also provide you with free advice to get your home cinema back in order. Let us know and we will contact you. This can be done via a video chat where we get a good picture of the current situation or simply by telephone.

Make an appointment for a conversation here.

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