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How Many Seats Are In A Home Theater?

If you are looking for home theater seats then you want to have a good idea of ​​how many you need in addition to quality. What is the ideal distance to the screen and what is left? What is the influence in terms of acoustics and how do I ensure that nobody looks back. These are important questions that apply to the number of home theater seats in a home theater. To determine the number of seats in a home theater, it is important that you know the setup of the home theater. If you have a dolby atm home cinema with a size of 5 (l) x6 (b) meters, then 2 rows of 5 seats will fit. So in total 10 seats. Of course, more is also possible, but that will be at the expense of the cinema experience.

The number of home cinema seats in a home cinema (pro tips & tricks)

As described above, with a space of 5×6 meters you can store a total of 10 seats. It depends on a number of variables whether you can actually release that. For example, it is good to take the position of the door into account. For example, if you come in from the side of the cinema and the door opens towards the cinema then it is good to take this into account. When determining the number of rows of home theater seats it is important that you take into account:
  • The distance between the speakers and the home theater seats (surrounds and back)
  • The position of the door
  • The length of the projection screen or television
  • The space between the rows

Multiple rows of cinema seats and still be able to watch the film well?

If you are going to work with multiple rows, it is good to think about a stage. By adding a stage you create a much better view of the rear row. On average, the height of that stage is between 25-30 centimeters. Actually as big as a stairway. A second advantage of creating a stage is the acoustics. Regardless of whether you make a stage or not, a bass trap at a dolby atm cinema is recommended. This prevents the low bass tones from being experienced as a thumping sound. Because you make a raise to place the second row, a hollow space is created that you have to fill up. That hollow space is then filled with Rockwoll. Home cinema specialists also call this a bass trap.

Related questions

How much space do you need for a home theater chair?

On average, a cinema seat has a size of 100 cm x 90 cm. With each addition 80 cm in width is added.

How much space do you need between rows of seats?

The ideal space between the rows is approximately 110 meters. To determine your ideal situation you can include the following criteria:
  • minimum space with the cinema seat folded out = 60 cm
  • space with a folded cinema seat + gem length legs = 90 cm
  • Ideal space with unfolded cinema seat + gem length legs + space to walk past = 110 cm
In conclusion, we can therefore state that you can make a reasonable estimate, but you must take into account a number of variables.

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