New Cinema Chairs

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New Home Cinema Chairs

Why new Cinema Chairs? Because we often received questions about delivery times from our dealers and end consumers. In the furniture industry, an average delivery time of approximately 3 months applies. In the home cinema industry that is sometimes much longer. To meet that demand, we moved to a different factory last summer.

This was also the right time for us to develop a new line. We have continued and we have 3 new lines.

New Cinema Seats

Type of cinema recliners

We have designed 3 new lines that are modular in composition.

Dat betekent dat we de stoelen echt op maat voor u kunnen samenstellen. Afhankelijk van de afmetingen, ontwerp en benodigde accessoires.

Daarnaast bestaat er de optie tussen een recliner en een vaste cinema chair.

Cinema Recliner Chairs

That means that we can really put together the chairs for you. Depending on the dimensions, design and required accessories.

In addition, there is the option between a recliner and a fixed cinema chair.

Motorized Recliner chairs

If you opt for an electrically operated cinema chair then you operate the cinema chair with a toggle button or you opt for an even more luxurious variant.
The more luxurious version has both a foot and a headrest that can be adjusted.


Manual Recliner chairs

With recliner chairs that can be adjusted manually, you can adjust the head and footrest manually.

Fixed cinema chairs

The HCM Pollux is cinema chairs that do not have an adjustable head and footrest. They are comfortable seats with a timeless design.

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Our only question is, do you want the same?

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