We design all our cinema seat models to fit in your home theater.

In the development of the new home theater seating models, two things are important; Design and comfort.

We know it is very important that you can stay seated for more than 2 hours in the same chair. And if you start binge-watching Star Wars, it will be a lot more.

Besides that, if you enter a cinema, you want your chairs to be either an eye-catcher and one with the cinema. So it has to be a timeless design.

So after another long night of conversations, drinks and drawings, the new Nebula series was born.


HCM Atlas

HCM Sirius

Home Theater Seating Sirius in a Home Cinema


Make it your own

Design your Cinema Seats



As you know, it is important to have comfortable home theatre seating in your home cinema. Besides, it is as important that the chair looks good.

We understand that and that is why our home cinema seats fit very well in your cinema. Excellent seating comfort with a contemporary design.



What can you expect if you buy seats at Home Cinema Modules?

  • We produce all home theater seating models in Europe by traditional craft.
  • More than 15 years of experience in Home Cinema
  • 2-year warranty
  • 94% customer satisfaction


Welcome to the website for your home theater seating. We are the # 1 online for high-quality, luxury cinema seats for a great price. You will find cinema seats from € 1,250 up to and including € 16,000,- per seat*. From 4 seats in an auditorium to a high-end and custom-made seating. Together with the most exclusive upholstery options.

*This custom-made theater seating is available at an exclusive base. And if you want a one of a kind cinema chairs, this is your choice.


Over the years, home cinemas have become good. People are willing to furnish a space only for gaming, watching movies, or sporting events. In general, theater seats are not included in the design of the space. The cinema architect stops by. Not knowing that the experience is much better if you sit relaxed. That is why home cinema modules have been a reliable partner for years when designing a home cinema.

The home theater seating models that we offer are still handmade in Europe. The theater furniture is modular in design. That means that you can go either way. Whether it should be a massage chair with an adjustable head and footrest. Or you want a chair that works by manual. Everything is possible.

This differs per space. We have made a difference between theater seating for at home and cinema seating for theater.


Home cinemas are becoming more and more popular and with it the interior. Home Cinema Modules distinguishes itself because we like to think along with you. We ask ourselves: “Is the interior in line with the design of the cinema. And what is the influence of leather on the acoustics in the room?”


It is important that you consider the position of the seats at the start of the process. If you choose Home Cinema Modules, it takes an average of 52 days to deliver the seats. If you choose a custom-made chair, it will take a little longer.



Are you looking for theater furniture for an auditorium or larger space? Home Cinema Modules offers a wide range of theater seats for that.

Depending on the size of the room and the number of theater seats. Our theater furniture fits into a high-end furnished space. This is partly due to the stitching and the use of the material. We use genuine leather that is easy to clean.

Also, seats for a theater in the BENELUX are all supplied with an extra service package. When your seat has an error, like a broken motor. We will repair the seat free of charge.

That’s what we call the total package!


You can assemble home theatre seats on our website. Are you interested? Please let us know by e-mail, telephone on WhatsApp.

We will then contact you to discuss the requirements with you. In the next step, we will prepare a quote for you. If we agree, we will manufacture the seats after down payment. This takes an average of 45 days and after 45 days we will ship your order.

Where are the seats manufactured?

We design, produce, and deliver high-quality room furniture with luxury. We want our theater seating to have the nicest upholstery, created with craftsmanship.

At first, the factory was loacted Canada but we weren’t satisfied with the lead time so we moved to Europe. Last February we made a visit to see the craft with our own eyes. The people at the factory showed us how they build your room furniture.

Now we know why we haven’t had any theater seating back due to errors. They are great craftsmen!

With the factory in Europe, we can offer you a lead time of 52 days.

What is the best home theater seating?

HCM Atlas Seat is our best theater seat. Most home cinema furniture has a nice quality. But the difference between the HCM Atlas is the way you can design it your self. Everything is possible so you always get custom-made furniture.

We have chosen to do it this way because a theater has always certain dimensions, so you want a modular chair. Ask your specialists here to answer your questions.

What kind of configurations do we offer

We have all kinds of configurations possible. If you use ‘design your seat’ you will find all configurations we offer.

To give you an idea these are some options.

Home Theater Seating Sirius

Home Theater Seating Atlas

As you can see, we offer all kinds of possibilities. Good to know is that our HCM Atlas has also armrests with different sizes. So if you like the design of the HCM Atlas and your theater room narrow. You can decide to choose the smaller armrests.

What upholstery options do you offer?

First, we offer 2 kinds of upholstery; Fabric and leather. All our upholstery options are from Italy, where they make the finest fabric and leather.


Our collection contains over more than 50 colors. Besides the colors, we offer different kinds of fabrics in the stitching. To give you an idea of the color options sees the images below.

We tell people to choose a neutral color for the seat because most of the time the chairs aren’t an eye-catcher. But some people want a classic cinema with red chairs. So we do have a special ‘Ferrari’ red fabric option or a more classic kind of red.


Our Italian leather is from buffalo. With leather, it is important to decide what color you want your theater chairs. We tell people to choose a neutral color because of the contrast while watching a movie.

If you have a white seat in a dark cinema the seat will disturb while watching the movie. One of the most important rules of a home cinema creates a neutral room because colors aren’t a big thing. Your 4K beamer on a large projector screen together with Dolby Atmos Immersive sound is. You’re not watching the seat but a movie 😉

If you have any questions? Please mail our upholstery specialists >


  • If you are looking for a solid, well-designed and quality chair, you need to have an HCM seat. Great quality at affordable prices.
  • We offer you a lead time of 52 days and personal tell. Because we are cinema enthusiasts our self, and we make our own home cinema, we know where we are talking about.
  • We can also give you a piece of advice about how to build your own home cinema.
  • We design, produce and deliver our own chairs with over more than 50 color options. This is to match your cinema color.

Besides that, we are running the business for more than 15 years, so we are a solid and trustworthy company. Let us know what you want >


Ask your questions to Sebastiaan Kahle. Sebastiaan knows everything about our seats and he can help you choose between all the options a cinema seat offers.

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