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How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver A Home Cinema Seat?

Imagine, you have decided to purchase new seats for your new home theater. You have been in contact with us and we are going to make the chairs. How long does it take before we deliver the seats to you? How much time does it take to deliver a home theater seat? This depends on the number of seats you want. On average, the production time is around 60 days. If you have a set of 2 seats, then it usually comes with 45 days, if it is 30 cinema seats then the production time is around 62 days. It is important to know that this does not include the shipping days. The transport is variable depending on where it is going.

The delivery time for home theater seats, how is it achieved?

A frequently asked question from our dealers and end customers was how quickly delivery can take place. We thought it wasn’t fast enough. In the summer of 2019 we decided to relocate the factory from Mexico to Europe. This has all kinds of financial benefits such as the reduction of transport costs. The biggest advantage for you as a customer is the throughput speed, this is now a lot faster. And how does the ordering process work:


After a price has been made and you have given your consent, the ordering process will take effect.


The factory receives a production request to make your home cinema seats. Before they start, contact is sought with the person who placed the order. All details are taken through so that no misunderstandings can arise. Do you want cupholders, headrest and how many seats per row do you want, First of all, the frame in combination with the wood is used to make the casing. We use authentic products such as high quality wood and good engines. Partly due to the use of this material we never get seats that are defective. The home cinema chair is then upholstered with the fabric or leather that you have selected. Here too quality products are used such as high quality leather and fabric. And that is reflected in the chair. The rest of your order will be produced depending on the number of seats.
Production HCM Sirius
When the chair is ready, it is first tested. For example, we test whether the fabric fits nicely around the chair and whether it stays that way when the chair is adjusted. In addition, it is checked whether the seats are completely clean. They are polished and then they are ready for transport.


The chair is neatly packaged in the transport department. Here too, thought is being given to the least possible environmentally unfriendly material and as many recyclable products as possible. The carrier often comes the same day to pick up the order. Here too we work with reliable companies. With us you will not find drivers who have been on the road for 20 hours. Depending on your delivery address, it is decided to first send the shipment to Enkhuizen or to deliver directly. This depends on what the cheapest route is.

Is it possible that you have to wait longer than 60 days?

Yes, it is possible that something happens in the process that causes a delay. It is therefore also good to place your order in time so that we have some spelling. One reason may be that there are strikes on the highway that prevent us from continuing. (true story) All in all we always produce within 60 days and when it comes to transport it is rare that huge delays occur. But it happened sometimes. I hope this gives a better picture of the process if you have any questions, please let us know.

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