The making of… Home Cinema Modules

One day, Sebastiaan knocked on the door of Home Cinema Modules. The family business, at the time run by René and his father, was founded in 2011. Sebastiaan had a background in digital marketing, working for Apple amongst others, and being a forward person, he said:


‘You have lots of opportunity to improve your website. Your market is for a great part international, there is so much more you can do.’


‘Fair point’, René answered, who had been working his pants of to create the highest standard of cinema seats and getting them to clients worldwide.


And before Sebastiaan knew it he was heavily involved with Home Cinema Modules. So heavily, that within weeks he was also lifting cinema chairs and seeing clients – and loved it. René didn’t mind Sebastiaan’s company, in fact, he enjoyed having him around and valued his marketing expertise.


Long story short: It was the start of a bromance. We became partners in crime and have been running Home Cinema Modules together since 2015. 

Anywhere the wind blows

We are based in the Dutch town Enkhuizen, an hour north of Amsterdam, where the wind always blows, and people work hard. The local attitude is in our DNA, too: make your best effort, have fun while doing it and always keep your word. Oh, and in the flatlands where we are, there is no escape from being down-to-earth. No-nonsense is our middle name. So indeed, as owners we deliver the cinema seats ourselves if we have the opportunity.

Exclusive Dutch design

All our cinema seats are designed right here in the Netherlands and manufactured in Europe. While being strongly rooted in our region, we have a clear international focus: 80 percent of our clients is from abroad. Our cinema chairs are shipped across the globe and because we are so deeply involved with the manufacturing process, we can guarantee a fast shipping of our high-quality, hand-made cinema seats. 

Nerds & cinema seats

We call ourselves passionate nerds. We are genuinely in love with movies, the perfect cinema seat and creating the most glorious home cinema for our clients. If you are up for it, we can discuss the perfect stitching of a cinema chair. For hours. We can also talk about watching Formula 1 on a big screen, the best audio systems and the ultimate seating arrangement in your cinema.  

So if you would like to have a chat about home cinemas or find out more about our cinema seats, drop us a line. We are looking forward to it! 


René and Sebastiaan