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HCM Projector Screens

Home Cinema Modules has long been a manufacturer of luxury cinema seats. More and more often we were asked if we also knew something about projector screens.

The question was often asked after a projector screen was purchased. These were unstable and difficult to hang projector screens of less quality. After all, Home Cinema projector screens are offered for little money.

But what makes the difference between a cheap projector screen and an expensive projector screen. With that question, we started to investigate the difference.

Two brands came out of the research that met the quality requirements we had. Then you can think of:

  • Use of materials
  • Stability of the projector schreen
  • Quality of the canvas
  • Finish
  • Mounting

As far as we are concerned, Beamax Screens and Screen Excellence are the brands in the middle and more expensive segment.


Screen Excellence

Use of the materials

The use of high-quality materials ensures that the projector cloth radiates quality. And that you actually do not have to worry about it.


Careful research has been done into what a frame should meet. Aluminum frame
One of the most annoying effects on vision is caused by light bouncing off the screen frame. Extensive research into the
structure of the profile, both functional and aesthetic
point of view, has resulted in the creation of Plano, the screen
equipped with a special aluminum frame, angular on the inside
A solution designed to direct the reflection to the outer edges
of the screen instead of the projection surface or the audience.
The profiles can be painted black or coated in a velvet flock finish,
which completely absorbs the light and improves the perception of contrast
in the projected images. Tensioning is provided by elastic cables,
which guarantee the perfect flatness of the surface
any risk of undulation.


Matt white

Matte white represents the top in terms of project quality and guarantees perfect flatness, for optimal image reproduction even
on very large screens and excellent light distribution due to the special relief of the projection surface. The wide viewing angle,
high brightness, absence of hot spot effects and exceptional uniformity of color have made it the reference surface of the Adeo range.
Its versatility allows it to be used in a variety of contexts, from professional applications (including in the presence of ambient light) to high
Home cinema systems definition (recommended for dim light environments).


High Contrast

Part of the new Reference series, this screen material is designed for the most critical applications requiring exceptional color accuracy
both in Home Theater and in commercial and professional studio applications. It is completely absent from hotspot effects and it is
critical color accuracy is maintained in all viewing angles. Recommended for controlled lighting environments



Ambient Grey

Ambient Gray surface is designed for use in applications with the presence of ambient light or in rooms with brightly colored walls.
This screen material achieves the best video performance with high brightness Home Theater projectors, while maintaining excellent black
levels and perfect color uniformity.

Micro Perforated

Micro-holes of 0.5 mm punched over the entire surface make this projection material “acoustically transparent” so that the sound
source can be placed behind the screen without compromising the audio standard. Specially designed for high resolution home theater
applications, Micro Perforated reduces the loss of brightness typical of traditional perforated surfaces through the use of micro-holes,
whose significantly smaller diameter guarantees the absence of hotspot effects in the center of the screen.

Enlightor NEO-S

A woven synthetic flame-retardant fabric with a negligible acoustic insertion loss and an enhanced video dynamic range.

  • The sound diffracts around the woven threads to make its way through the screen surface.
  • No sound is reflected backwards.
  • Acoustic insertion loss <1.0 dB.

Stability of the Projector Screen

Due to the use of high-quality material that has been carefully selected, the screens have an extremely robust profile. This mainly relates to the inner structure.

Finish & Mounting



In addition to carefully researching which materials work best, a lot of attention has been paid to the finish. The projector screens have to blend into the room like cinema seats. This means that it should not stand out too much and that it can have a modern look. For this reason, it was decided to finish the aluminum frame with high quality fabric, which gives it a luxurious look.


The mounting of the screens is extremely easy. This is due to the special anchoring system which ensures that the screen can be hung quickly and easily. No hassle but convenience.

Download the manual here: Beamax A-Velvet Manual

Screen Excellence


Truly top-class and high-end look with the silky velvet border around the soft fabric projection surface. A straight line between the projected image and the surrounding frame. The screen starts directly where the frame ends, so there will be no shadow effect whatsoever.


The way of mounting the Screen Excellence screens makes sure you get a sturdy framework and wrinkle-free projection surface. With little space left from projection fabric to the wall, you can place your speakers at an ideal position.

Download the manual here: Screen Excellence Reference Manual

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