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New Cinema Chairs, we have

Our new range of home cinema chairs 

We proudly present to you: our new range of home cinema chairs! They are absolute stars, so that’s we named them after these flying stones: Regulus, Vega and Polaris. Let’s give you a grand introduction.

But before we get started, did we already mention that we have two chairs that are absolute classics? Like Casablanca kinda level? We hadn’t? Ok, goodness, let’s do that first. Never introduce the new daughter in law before the lady of the house, right?

Our bestseller home cinema chair Atlas

So we would like you to meet our bestselling chair Atlas first. It is our blockbuster for good reasons: an extremely comfortable home cinema seat that fits any home cinema arrangement. It provides with extra ergonomic support for your lower back, which makes it easy to watch movies for hours. The armrest comes in three different shapes: straight, curved and slim. Read more about HCM Atlas


The other classic: our slim beauty Sirius

Home cinema chair Sirius has been in our portfolio for quite some years now. With its slim size, this home cinema chair is great when you want to use your cinema space in an economical fashion. Sirius is elegant and provides you with the option of selecting diamond stitching, creating an extra glamourous feel. Read more about HCM Sirius

Sirius and Atlas are like the godfathers of our home cinema chair portfolio. We will never be able to do without them. But also in the home cinema world it’s nice to introduce some fresh bloodlines from time to time. So let’s move to their new cousins on the block!

Our new home cinema chair models: Regulus, Vega and Polaris

So rapapa, here they are!


The Regulus: your stylish home cinema chair

Wanna watch movies in style? The Regulus is elegant and charismatic at the same time, making it, suitable for a traditional as well as a futuristic cinema. To make this chair even more glamourous, you can opt for diamond stitching. 

Read more about HCM Regulus

The Vega: living it large

Sleek, tall, tailored: our Vega cinema chair is the gentleman in the room. Specifically suitable for taller people (yes, this one is for you, Dutchies), the Vega is extra deep and provides with a comfy tub-shaped back. Additionally, there is open space underneath the chair, which makes it easier to clean the floor. And who doesn’t love that?

Read more about HCM Vega

The Polaris: straightforward in style 

Another gentleman, but this one likes to button-up. Our Polaris cinema chair is closed underneath the chair, which gives it a more robust look. Thanks to its slender shape, the Polaris home cinema seat provides you with extra space in your cinema.

Read more about HCM Polaris

Tailor-made home cinema chairs

All of our home cinema chairs are tailor-made to your wishes. You can choose from a large variety of fabrics, accessories and colours. The home cinema chairs are designed and manufactured in Europe. Whether you go for a classic red velvet home cinema or a futuristic Back to the Future type of feel: it can all be done. And there’s more! You can choose between a recliner and a manual cinema chair. Here’s the difference:
  • Recliner Cinema Chair
  • Manual Cinema Chairs
If you opt for an electrically operated cinema chair, you operate the cinema chair with a toggle button. So you press the button and up you go (or down, for that matter). You can also opt for an even more luxurious variant of your home cinema seat. The more luxurious version offers a recliner for your foot and a headrest, so you adjust it with one press on the button. If you are the manual type of person or if you hardly ever move your chair up or down – the manual recliner chair is right for you. You can adjust the head and footrest by hand – easy as pie.

How to order your cinema seats

Yep, yep, we get it: you want one too know, right? Did we say just one? Why not go for an entire cinema! Of course, we wouldn’t disagree with you – a home cinema is just such a great experience, it allows you to sit back, unwind, have a great time with friends and family, and experience the luxury of having an entire cinema all to yourself (and binge-watch Homeland).

So how do you order your home cinema seats?

If you know which one you want you can go to our configurator and share your wishes. [link] You can also contact us directly if you want to discuss what suits your home cinema best. [contact] We are happy to hear from you!  

Order time estimation cinema chairs 

A cinema seat is not a product you order off the shelve. It is like a bridal gown, tailored so it suits your home cinema perfectly. That simply takes time. From ordering your seat to delivering to your home cinema takes us approximately 50 days. This depends on where you are, of course – in our experience, it takes a bit longer to reach Greenland, Patagonia and other remote places.

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