Sharp images and a perfect sound deserve

first class seating

Always dreamt of a cinema at home, watching movies with your family, your friends or – guilty pleasure! – all by yourself? Why not treat yourself and create your own cinema room? We provide you with the most glorious cinema seats: designed in the Netherlands, made in Europe and tailored to your wishes. Just sit back and start designing your cinema seating right now.

The key features of Home Cinema Modules seats

Creating your own home cinema is as exciting as watching Pulp Fiction for the first time. We are in the game to provide you with the ultimate cinema seat experience. This is what you can count on:


Your cinema seats, exactly like you want them. You can choose the colour, the fabric, accessories and much more.

Affordable prices

Our prices are kept at an affordable rate while holding a high level of service. You can always give us a call when you need help with your cinema seats. 

Fast delivery

Our skilled production team creates your cinema seats between 45 and 60 days on average. We ship worldwide and deliver the chairs to your doorstep or your professional installer.

Dutch design made in the EU

All our cinema seats are designed in the Netherlands and manufactured in Europe. Quality and comfort guaranteed.


We share your passion for movies and home cinema

Like you, we are cinema aficionados. We love watching movies (and Formula 1, too). Creating the most glorious cinema seats for our clients is what drives us. In fact, we are absolute nerds when it comes to home cinemas; from home cinema seating arrangements to the size of the cup holder in your cinema seat – everything must be to James Bond’s standards.


So just sit back and let us help you create the home cinema you are after.  

Our products

Check out our glorious home cinema seats. Aren’t they beauties and beasts at the same time? You can design them to your wishes and create your ultimate home cinema.


This elegant, slim cinema seat provides you with the right charm to bring to your home cinema.   


Our bestselling cinema chair gives you extra ergonomic support, for the highest level of comfort.


Sleek, tall & tailored – the ideal seat for taller people


Watch movies in style in this chic home cinema model


Our robust model, giving your home cinema a masculine look

Home Cinema Seat News

Welcome to the world of home cinema and cinema seating. Let us share with you what’s on our mind. And yes, an important topic is definitely how you can best watch the full collection of Star Wars in one go.


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Design your own cinema seat!

Colours, fabrics, accessories and much more. With our cinema seat configurator you can design your cinema seat exactly to your liking. The configurator gives you a very clear picture of what your home cinema seating will look like. If you have any questions while assembling your home cinema, you can always contact our team for help.

Can we help?  Kunnen we u helpen? ¿Quieres ayuda? Voulez-vous de l'aide? kan vi hjälpa dig?

What colour of seating suits your home cinema best? What is the most comfortable cinema seating arrangement? And why does your partner love binge-watching Sex and the City? Lots of questions come up when creating your home cinema and selecting the chairs. We are here to help. Just give us a ring – anytime.

René van Setten

Any questions? I know everything about home cinema, cinema seats and cinema seating arrangements. Happy to help!  

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