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Tailor made home cinema seats
High quality and affordable
Fast lead time

Home Cinema Modules operates world wide
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What are the Features

Fully Customizable

Leather and Upholstery

Power Recline Motor & Mechanism

Ergonomic Support


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What others say

I am seriously happy about buying products online with Baloe. Powerful features and easy to order, running an online store shouldn’t be this much fun!


Creative Sony

What are the choices?

Options & Accessoires

Because our chairs are modularly built, you can put them together according to your wishes.

To make it easy for you, we have made a clear subdivision. The options can be put together per seat.


An important choice is the type of upholstery. We offer both fabric and leather.

For both fabric and leather options, we have

For the leather options we have 2 leather types with a total of 40 leather types.


Our chairs are built modularly. So many configurations are possible.

To help you, we have listed all popular configurations.

What fits best in your cinema? Let us know.

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