Home Cinema Seat for consumers

Home cinema seating for consumers

Are you planning to build your own home theater or dedicated cinema and are looking for home theater seating, Home Cinema Modules offers you a wide range of cinema chairs. Our range is also very suitable in case you are looking for comfortable and affordable recliners in your living room. Sit down and relax. Enjoy your favorite movie or concert in the comfort of your electric recliners.

Overview of models:

When you go to our product overview you will find our seating range. All new models are available in many leather and fabric colors and in many configurations. This range electric recliners and furniture is rather exclusive and of high quality for the entertainment market, but still attainable for every home cinema enthusiast. Also for watching your films or favorite concert in your living room or TV corner, many consumers are choosing for the comfort of our Home Cinema Seating solutions.

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Where to get your seating for the right look and feel

Home Cinema Modules works with partners all over Europe and beyond. Most of these resellers are able to help you with creating and realizing your home cinema and can inform you about our seating solutions further.

We go further in services through Interior Design and Acoustic Treatment

Beside our B2B projects for companies our goal is to make Home Cinema Theater for consumers attainable.
Being an absolute Home Theater specialist, we also offer assistance in lay out, interior design and acoustic treatment.


If you are interested in Home Cinema seating or you need support in planning your Home Theater, please fill in the contact form.
You also can send us an E-mail, or call us at +31 (0)228 748 100 . We will inform you about all possibilities and connect you to one of our partners.

home cinema theater for consumers

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