home cinema modules

Home Cinema Modules how it all started

Since the start in 2007 by Harry Vogels, Home Cinema Modules has evolved into a leading supplier of fundamental home cinema products. Started as a supplier of dedicated home cinema seating, Home Cinema Modules has expanded its product range over the years.

Home Cinema Modules moved to The Netherlands and became a part of Trisss Trading B.V. In 2012 we had the opportunity to add another brand in our portfolio; Beamax projections screens.

The Home Cinema Market was growing and if we wanted to meet up with the demand we had to level up our production. That’s why we moved our production to Mexico in 2014. Next to the increase in quality, we noticed a decrease in production-time, so we were glad to serve you much quicker than before.

Besides Home Cinema Modules, Beamax Projection Screens is a well known brand of high-end projection screens in Europe. With both Home Cinema Modules as BEAMAX we had two high-end home cinema products which was a perfect match for our dealers. Because BEAMAX was growing fast and we wanted to expand our product line we split both labels. At the end of 2016 the new website of beamax.com was born.

Our goal for 2017 is to help our dealers to expand their business with high quality home cinema chairs. Last dealer survey tells us that if you have a showroom with home cinema seats sales increase with 32,4%. Who doesn’t want to sit comfortably and watch the latest movies and concerts in their home cinema.

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