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With already having hundreds of happy customers all over the world, we know home cinema seating is a very important component of any home cinema. As the (dedicated) home cinema and home cinema integration in living rooms is a rapidly growing market, we like to make our products attainable for many more home cinema enthusiasts. To achieve this, we are working with dedicated partners. Most of our dedicated partners are able to design and realise an ultimate home theatre that suit your needs.

Contact with our dedicated partners

Our dedicated partners have a showroom with our seating models on display, in order to offer customers the opportunity to test them before sitting in them for many hours.

Unique line up furniture

In 2015 we have started an exclusive European cooperation with Palliser Furniture (Canada). Our partners have now access to various lines of seating and electric recliners, high quality and attainable for many customers. This enables our resellers to offer the right solution to their customer.

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As Internet becomes more and more important we put a lot of effort in connecting consumers directly to our resellers.
We welcome new resellers, joining our dedicated home cinema family. Consumers will find the reseller company profile on our website, in order to get in contact with each other and find the right partner to realise their ultimate home theater dream.

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